Top 5 Things to Look for During Your House Hunt

You’re ready to buy a home...what an exciting time! Many buyers start the home buying process with a long list of must-haves and dealbreakers. While those can be helpful, sometimes other important things can get overlooked. In any case, these are the top five things to look for when buying a home.



You’ve heard it before-location, location, location! You have to decide what is most important for you and your family. Proximity to work, school, and parks may be on one home buyer’s top priorities whereas another may wish to be closer to nightlife and shopping. Consider these factors when buying a home. You can’t move the foundation after you close, so make sure you know where you want to be and focus your house search there. 

The Neighborhood

When you drive through your new neighborhood, you want to feel proud to live there, right? You want to make sure it’s a neighborhood you would enjoy taking walks through during the day as well as at night. Is it safe, friendly, clean, well kept? The type of development you want to be a part of is important too. A newer development comes with newer homes and landscaping while an older neighborhood may come with houses that have more character and tree-lined streets. Both have pros and cons, which do you desire more?


Size actually does matter, at least it does when buying a home. A larger home comes with more space which can be convenient but it also comes with more maintenance, higher monthly bills, and more furnishings. Think about what you really need in your new space that fits your lifestyle. Keep the future in mind too, if kiddos are on the five-year plan, space is a great thing! 


The age of a home is crucial in knowing what you’re getting into as a home buyer. You may want an older home with history and character, but with all of that may come underlying issues, so you’ll need to be prepared for that. Pay attention to the condition of the big-ticket items like HVAC, roof, and windows. If an older home doesn’t suit your fancy, maybe a newer build with updated finishes and those big-ticket items brand new is more your style. 

The Lot

You love the house, but you’re not too fond of the lot. Unfortunately, the lot is something you can’t do much about. While landscaping can help, some land features like being on a hill or having little to no backyard are things you cant really change. Do you want a vast amount of land and space between neighbors or do you want the closer proximity and less maintenance? If you have children or pets, you want to make sure your yard is suitable. Other factors like having mature trees or some sort of view may also be something you’re interested in. While it may not be possible to get everything on your wish list, knowing what you want is important.

Have you overlooked one of these items when buying a home? What are the most important items for you when buying a house? 

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